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Ice-cream retail innovator

 Buenos Aires, Argentina



What's this?

B Basics


Yolas produces premium popsicles for a young market, introducing a mix of retail strategies to reach them


01Offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Founding year


Ariel Davalli


Martin Godoy

P Products

Yolas developed unique techniques to take the traditional flavours into a sustainable popsicle form


Popsicle mastery


04The star product is the cake popsicle

A cookie base with traditional ice cream and sauce, emulating cheesecake with strawberry and maracuya and chocolate versions.


They offer 24 flavours, with chocolate baths and 8 toppings, creating dozens of possible combinations

B The Biz

The problem 

Bringing a new product into a traditional ice cream market, while appealing to a younger demographic without loosing quality


The biz model 

05A mixed B2C model

Yolas established it’s own cafes/ice cream shops, alongside 6 kiosks in big city malls. Smaller selling kiosks are also found in Cinemas and Chungo’s own shops.

They also have foodtrucks to create selling points in fairs and events, both public and private like weddings or corporate meetings.



08Tools to create and manage

Yolas uses Wrike for communication and project management. Microsoft To Do for to-do lists. Whatsapp groups along the company departments. For the customers, they are present in most take away apps like Glovo and PedidosYa.

The Customers 


Chungo it’s been working with the third sectors for years, helping organizations like Fundación Flexer, TEDx, Fundación Huerta Niño and INICIA.


The company is a spin-off of traditional argentinean ice cream maker Chungo, a family-business with more than 40 years of experience making quality products

After a customer analysis, they decided to create a new brand for a younger audience, as Chungo consumers are mostly 30 to 40 years and the brand is family oriented.

M The Market

The Quality 

A longstanding tradition

The argentinean ice cream is known for it’s world class products, due to a long standing culture for the sweet cream, good local sourcing fruits and a italian heritage

The Industry 

Small and competitive

Argentina exported more than 3,100 tons of ice-cream in 2017, being a small player mostly focused in the internal market and neighbours Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, the south american leader in consumption.

As foodie trends go mainstream, ice cream in Argentina is becoming more innovative and sophisticated, catering to new tastes like lactose and gluten free, vegan versions, exotic mixes and formats.

The Local Customer 

08Artisanal love

Argentineans enjoy the traditional artisanal ice cream way more than industrial, supermarket alternatives. They love creamy flavours like chocolate, strawberry and traditional milk sweet.

Per capita consumption is 7kg/year, far below world leader New Zealand with 28.4kg/year, signalling a lot of room for growth.

The Players 

Living classics include Chungo, established in 1979 with more than 30 stores, Freddo founded un 1969 and Helados Daniel, with more than 40 years in the market.

The Players 

Bigger chains involving more cities in Argentina’s vast territory include Grido (Cordoba province) with more than 1500 shops nationwide and Glups, with fewer stores but a strong offer of retail products.

In the industrial scale, Arcor is the clear leader, being one of the country’s main exporter.

The Players 

Smaller companies are pushing for premium products like Volta and Lucciano’s with a segment offering boutique options like GuapaletasGoodstën Creamery, Occo, Haulani, and traditional patagonian chocolatier Rapa Nui.

P The People

The Team

A mixed team including the leadership of Chungo partnered with Martin Godoy’s company, adding decades of experience establishing retail ventures.


Ariel Davalli


Ariel is the president of Chungo and Yolas and son of the original Founder. He studied Business Administration at Universidad de Palermo and took courses in IAE, UB and UBA. He leads the company with his brother Mariano and collaborators.


Martin Godoy


Martin comes from the retail world, with more than 20 years of experience