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Luciano Banchero,
thinking in audio

Luciano is the founder of Posta, Latam’s most cherish podcast network, a futurist author and a seasoned radio-host. Grab Banchero’s keys about engagement and the logic behind the growing audio economy.




1 Who is Luciano Banchero?

1aRadio host at Metro 951

One of the most listen stations in Argentina, Banchero hosts Sensacional Exito,  a popular night show covering trends in culture, news and entertainment with Fiorella Sargenti.

Listen to Sensacional Exito

1bFounder at Posta

Posta is the leading podcast producer + platform in Latam, having worked with Spotify, HBO, VICE and NatGeo among others.

1cAuthor, Futuro pop

A collection of images from the future coming from pop culture, science fiction and a powerful imagination looking at the next years upcoming disruptions.

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2 Why think in audio?

2aPodcast growth is steady, and social audio is now a thing

Podcast listening is growing all over the world, with new generations embracing it as part of their day. Music platforms like Spotify spend over a billions dollars getting the rights to exclusive content in the past 2 years, and the social-audio app is booming. Audio is slowly claiming image throne, giving access to direct conversations, more engagement and better segmentation.

Coming of age 

 Social Audio

2bMedia it’s in crisis and the bond with audiences is broken

The lack of representation of traditional media on their audiences is promoting a move to niche communities, were podcasts have the advantage of creating an intimate place for fans.

Banchero’s List:

Ira Glass Podcast
This American Life

Audio Editing

Listening App
Pocket Casts

3 The future by a futurist

In Banchero, a pop-culture fan meets a devoted futurist, exposing here possible trends for the next wave of content consumption.

Future Humans 

A healthier relationship with tech. Banchero sees a more organic bond with tech, being less pasive consumers and more active creators

The curation age. New media usage is about curation, and maybe be humans. Users will be more intentional about their consumption, crafting playlists for everything or trusting other humans for that job.

Time to play. As work gets automated, more time for productive leisure can push the passion economy forward.